Using High-Fidelity Simulation and Video-Assisted Debriefing to Enhance Obstetrical Hemorrhage Mock Code Training

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The purpose of this descriptive, one-group posttest study was to explore the nursing staff’s perception of the benefits of using high-fidelity simulation during mandated obstetrical hemorrhage mock code training. In addition, the use of video-assisted debriefing was used to enhance the nursing staff’s evaluation of their communication and teamwork processes during a simulated obstetrical crisis. The convenience sample of 84 members of the nursing staff consented to completing data collection forms and being videotaped during the simulation. Quantitative results for the postsimulation survey showed that 93% of participants agreed or totally agreed that the use of SimMan made the simulation more realistic and enhanced learning and that debriefing and the use of videotaped playback improved their evaluation of team communication. Participants derived greatest benefit from reviewing their performance on videotape and discussing it during postsimulation debriefing. Simulation with video-assisted debriefing offers hospital educators the ability to evaluate team processes and offer support to improve teamwork with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes during obstetrical hemorrhage.

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