A single nucleotide polymorphism in codon F31I and V57I of the AURKA gene in invasive ductal breast carcinoma in Middle East

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Although few studies have suggested a carcinogenic role for polymorphism of F31I and V57I codons of AURKA gene in invasive ductal carcinoma, contradictory results from different populations mandates regional investigations. We aimed to determine polymorphisms of F31I and V57I codons of AURKA gene and their association with cancer prognosis in patients compared with controls in an eastern population of Iran.

A case-control study was conducted on specimens from 100 patients and 100 age- and gender-matched controls. DNA was extracted and the codons F31I and V57I were amplified. The different genotypes were analyzed by PCR-RFLP and electrophoresis.

In codon F31I, the frequency of Phe/Ile was 70% and 82% in patients and healthy controls respectively, whereas (Ile/Ile) was 30% in patients and 18% in healthy (P = .047). Analyzing V57I genotypes showed a higher homozygote Val/Val genotype in patients compared with controls (76% vs 68%), whereas the frequency of heterozygous Val/Ile genotype was lower in patients (17%) than controls (30%), yielding a marginal association between breast cancer and Val/Val genotype (P = .048). No association was observed between SNPs of either F31I or V57I genotypes and histological grades. However, there was a significant association between tumor stages and F31I genotype (P for trend = .003).

This is the first report of F31I and V57I polymorphisms in AURKA gene in breast cancer in Iran. Determination of allelic polymorphism of those codons will help to understand background genetic predisposition and could have prognostic value in management of breast cancer in the target population.

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