Effects of a transition home program on preterm infant emergency room visits within 90 days of discharge

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To evaluate effects of a transition home program (THP) and risk factors on emergency room (ER) use within 90 days of discharge for preterm (PT) infants <37 weeks gestation.


This is a prospective 3-year cohort study of 804 mothers and 954 PT infants. Mothers received enhanced neonatal intensive care unit transition support services until 90 days postdischarge. Regression models were run to identify the effects of THP implementation year and risk factors on ER visits.


Of the 954 infants, 181 (19%) had ER visits and 83/181 (46%) had an admission. In regression analysis, THP year 3 vs year 1 and human milk at discharge were associated with decreased risk of ER visits, whereas increased odds was associated with non-English speaking, maternal mental health disorders and bronchopulmonary dysplasia.


Enhanced THP services were associated with a 33% decreased risk of all ER visits by year 3. Social and environmental risk factors contribute to preventable ER visits.

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