Evaluation of the Changes in the Quality of Life in Patients Undergoing Orthognathic Surgery: A Multicenter Study

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Orthognathic surgery can affect patients’ quality of life. The aim of the present study was to assess changes in quality of life during combined orthodontics-surgery treatment and effect of orthodontist-surgeon teamwork on final patient's satisfaction. Twenty-six orthognathic patients who were referred to oral and maxillofacial department of 3 hospitals in Tehran were included in the study. Orthognathic quality of life questionnaire (OQLQ) was given to patients 1 week before, 4 weeks and 4 months after surgery. Two self-designed forms were used for evaluating mood and comfort of patients 1 week before surgery and 4 days after surgery. Self-designed forms were given to the orthodontists and the maxillofacial surgeons to assess quality of teamwork and difficulty of the procedure. Twenty-four patients (15 females and 9 males) with the mean age of 22.62 ± 3.57 completed the study. Quality of life increased from 1 week before surgery to 4 months after surgery (P < 0.013) and the difference was statistically significant between OQLQ score at 1 week before surgery and that of 4 months postoperative. Esthetic and social domain showed significant changes during the studied period. Orthognathic quality of life questionnaire at 4 months postoperative was correlated with surgery difficulty and duration. It can be concluded that orthognathic surgery can improve quality of life, especially in esthetic and social aspects.

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