Anteromedial Arytenoid Subluxation Due to Severe Cough

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Arytenoid subluxation is rare condition and usually occurs after an injury leading to partial displacement of the arytenoid cartilage within the cricoarytenoid joint. More severe form is known as arytenoid dislocation that is often caused by direct trauma to the joint such as traumatic intubation or blunt or penetrating neck trauma. Although exact pathogenesis is not well-described conditions that weaken the joint capsule increase the likelihood of dislocation or subluxation when inciting factors exist. These patients usually present with symptoms of odynophagia, dysphagia, and voice changes starting after trauma. Visualization of the larynx is usually diagnostic. As pulmonologists who perform bronchoscopy should be aware of this condition. Here we describe a case whom underwent bronchoscopy for presumed foreign object aspiration and found to have arytenoid subluxation. Because of the lack of history of trauma we thought that his subluxation occurred due to strenuous cough. To our knowledge this is the first case of arytenoid subluxation related to strenuous cough and presented with no voice symptoms.
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