Plaque-Like Myofibroblastic Tumor: Report of 4 Cases

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Plaque-like myofibroblastic tumor of infancy was first characterized in 2007 by Clarke et al. In the first 2 cases described, large plaque-like tumors presented in the first 3 months of life exhibited microscopic features consistent with dermatofibroma but with immunohistochemical features of myofibroblastic lineage. In 2013, Marqueling et al reported 3 additional cases, 2 of which presented in early childhood, prompting the authors to recommend that the name of this condition be shortened to plaque-like myofibroblastic tumor. We present here 4 additional cases to better characterize clinical and histopathological features of this newly recognized entity. This benign lesion is of myofibroblastic lineage and demonstrates features consistent with multiple clustered dermatofibroma.

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