Identification and function analysis of ras-related nuclear protein fromMacrobrachium rosenbergiiinvolved inSpiroplasma eriocheirisinfection

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A ras-related nuclear protein (Ran) protein was obtained from Macrobrachium rosenbergii, named MrRan. Phylogenetic analysis results showed that MrRan was clustered in one group together with other crustaceans. Tissue distribution analysis revealed that MrRan was expressed mainly in gill, intestine and stomach, and expressed weakly in muscle. The MrRan expression levels in gill and hemocyte of prawns were significantly up-regulated after challenged by Spiroplasma eriocheiris. The copy number of S. eriocheiris in MrRan dsRNA injection group was significantly less than control groups during infection. Meanwhile, silencing MrRan obviously increased the survival rate of prawns. The subcellular localization experiment suggested that recombinant MrRan was mainly located in the nucleus, and relatively weak in the cytoplasm. Finally, over-expression in Drosophila S2 cell indicated that MrRan could increase copies of S. eriocheiris and decrease of cell viability. The present study suggested that MrRan participated in regulating the phagocytosis of S. eriocheiris in M. rosenbergii.

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