A comparative in vitro study of different techniques for removal of fibre posts from root canals

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This study evaluates the effectiveness of different techniques to remove fibre posts from root filled teeth in vitro. One hundred and fifty-three extracted single-rooted teeth were decoronated, root-canal treated and divided into three groups (n = 51). Post spaces were prepared for different types of fibre posts: glass fibre, quartz fibre, carbon fibre. Each group was divided into three subgroups with regard to the post removal technique (n = 17): SonicFlex Endo, long-shaft round bur, DT-Post removal kit. Residual material, loss of dentine, working time and procedural errors were assessed using computed tomography. Statistical analysis was performed with a one-way anova (α = 0.05). The highest effectiveness was achieved with the sonic tip and the round bur. A high prevalence of perforations or severe deviations from the root axis was observed for all groups. No technique presented favourable results in all assessed parameters. There is a high risk of perforations.

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