Wide Linear Corticotomy and Anterior Segmental Osteotomy Under Local Anesthesia Combined Corticision for Correcting Severe Anterior Protrusion With Insufficient Alveolar Housing

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This article presents an alternate surgical treatment method to correct a severe anterior protrusion in an adult patient with an extremely thin alveolus. To accomplish an effective and efficient anterior segmental retraction without periodontal complications, the authors performed, under local anesthesia, a wide linear corticotomy and corticision in the maxilla and an anterior segmental osteotomy in mandible.


In the maxilla, a wide linear corticotomy was performed under local anesthesia. In the maxillary first premolar area, a wide section of cortical bone was removed. Retraction forces were applied buccolingually with the aid of temporary skeletal anchorage devices. Corticision was later performed to close residual extraction space. In the mandible, an anterior segmental osteotomy was performed and the first premolars were extracted under local anesthesia.


In the maxilla, a wide linear corticotomy facilitated a bony block movement with temporary skeletal anchorage devices, without complications. The remaining extraction space after the bony block movement was closed effectively, accelerated by corticision. In the mandible, anterior segmental retraction was facilitated by an anterior segmental osteotomy performed under local anesthesia. Corticision was later employed to accelerate individual tooth movements.


A wide linear corticotomy and an anterior segmental osteotomy combined with corticision can be an effective and efficient alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment in the bialveolar protrusion patient with an extremely thin alveolar housing.

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