Uptake of the Congenital Muscular Torticollis Clinical Practice Guideline Into Pediatric Practice

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This study describes survey responses about implementation of the congenital muscular torticollis clinical practice guideline (CMT-CPG) by pediatric physical therapists (PT) and successes and challenges with knowledge-brokering activities.


An online survey was distributed to pediatric PTs who self-identified with practice experience with congenital muscular torticollis. Data were analyzed for implementation frequency of guideline recommendations and differences pre and postpublication of the CMT-CPG.


After publication, guideline recommendation implementation improved such that no recommendation was being implemented by less than 50% of respondents, and most were implemented by greater than 90%. The majority of respondents participated in knowledge brokering; however, many indicated minimal effectiveness of those activities.


The CMT-CPG has successfully aided in changing practice. Participants identified areas of challenge and success in translating recommendations into practice and in knowledge brokering that may be helpful for the development of future CPGs.

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