WIsH: who is the host? Predicting prokaryotic hosts from metagenomic phage contigs

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WIsH predicts prokaryotic hosts of phages from their genomic sequences. It achieves 63% mean accuracy when predicting the host genus among 20 genera for 3 kbp-long phage contigs. Over the best current tool, WisH shows much improved accuracy on phage sequences of a few kbp length and runs hundreds of times faster, making it suited for metagenomics studies.

Availability and implementation:

OpenMP-parallelized GPL-licensed C ++ code available at https://github.com/soedinglab/wish.


clovis.galiez@mpibpc.mpg.de or soeding@mpibpc.mpg.de

Supplementary information:

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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