Anti‐IL‐23 and Anti‐IL‐17 Biologic Agents for the Treatment of Immune‐Mediated Inflammatory Conditions

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A number of immune‐mediated diseases, while being clinically distinct, do share similar underlying pathophysiologic processes driven by a common subset of central molecules; this offers the valuable opportunity to treat a number of these important conditions through a few specific mutual therapeutic targets. The recent discovery of the critical roles of interleukin (IL)‐23 and IL‐17 in the pathogenesis of psoriasis plus numerous other immune‐mediated diseases has made these two cytokines key therapeutic targets for newly developed biologic agents. This review provides a brief discussion of the IL‐23/IL‐17 immune axis, and will present key clinical and safety data of the anti‐IL‐23 and anti‐IL‐17 biologic agents in the treatment of common immune‐mediated inflammatory conditions.
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