Integrative structural and dynamical biology with PLUMED-ISDB

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Accurate structural models of biological systems can be obtained by properly combining experimental data with a priori physico-chemical knowledge. Here we present PLUMED-ISDB, an open-source, freely-available module of the popular PLUMED library, which enables the simultaneous determination of structure and dynamics of conformationally heterogeneous systems by integrating experimental data with a priori information. This integration is achieved using metainference, a general Bayesian framework that accounts for both noise in the data and their ensemble-averaged nature. PLUMED-ISDB implements different types of experimental data, such as several NMR observables, FRET, SAXS and cryo-electron microscopy data, and enables modelling structure and dynamics of individual proteins, protein complexes, membrane proteins, RNA and DNA, using a variety of enhanced sampling methods and resolutions of the system.

Availability and implementation:

PLUMED-ISDB is freely available at

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Supplementary information:

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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