Evaluation of intestinal metabolism and absorption using the Ussing chamber system equipped with intestinal tissue from rats and dogs

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the intestinal metabolism and absorption in a mini-Ussing chamber equipped with animal intestinal tissues, based on the transport index (TI). TI value was defined as the sum of drug amounts transported to the basal-side component (Xcorr) and drug amounts accumulated in the tissue (Tcorr), which are normalized by AUC of a drug in the apical compartment, as an index for drug absorption. Midazolam was used as a test compound for the evaluation of intestinal metabolism and absorption. The metabolite formulation of midazolam was observed in both rats and dogs. Ketoconazole inhibited the intestinal metabolism of midazolam in rats and improved its intestinal absorption to a statistically significant extent. Therefore, the mini-Ussing chamber, equipped with animal intestinal tissues, showed potential to use the evaluation of the intestinal metabolism and absorption, including the assessment of species differences.

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