MRGPRX2 is essential for sinomenine hydrochloride induced anaphylactoid reactions

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Mast cells are unique immunocytes that function as sentinel cells in host defense reactions such as immediate hypersensitivity responses and anaphylactic responses. The mast cell specific receptor MRGPRX2 (Mas-related G protein-coupled receptor X2) triggers mast cell degranulation—a key process in anaphylactic reactions. We sought to better understand anaphylactic reaction induced by sinomenine hydrochloride (SH). MRGPRX2-related pseudo-allergic reactions induced by SH were investigated using the hindpaw swelling and extravasation assay in vivo and mast cell degranulation assays in vitro. MrgprB2 knockout mice exhibit a reduced SH-induced inflammation effect. Furthermore, MRGPRX2 (the orthologous gene of MrgprB2) related human mast cells are activated by SH in a dose-dependent manner; however, MRGPRX2 knockdown mast cells showed reduced degranulation. The results showed a kind of mechanism that SH-induced anaphylactoid reactions were mediated by MRGPRX2 via activating PLC molecular signaling pathways to provoke mast cells Ca2+ mobilization and degranulation.

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