Japanese Outreach Model Project for patients who have difficulty maintaining contact with mental health services: Comparison of care between higher-functioning and lower-functioning groups

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The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare sponsored the current examination of a new community mental health service, the Japan Outreach Model Project (JOMP), for persons with mental illnesses and who find it difficult to continue with ongoing treatment. Shorter readmission rates and hospital stays were found. In this study, the amount and type of care that were delivered by the JOMP were examined in order to inform the process of establishing the public insurance system.


The data were collected from 32 JOMP outreach teams from 21 prefectures in Japan that agreed to participate; 415 patients were included in the analysis. The clients’ characteristics, social functions, problematic behavior score, and the amount and type of care that were delivered were examined.


Higher amounts of care were delivered in the first month, compared to the remaining months, and the care was relatively stable from months 2–5. This suggests that consistently high care was needed for the JOMP clients who found it difficult to maintain contact with mental health services. Those clients with an increased overall global assessment functioning score at 6 months (n = 151) had received significantly more care than those whose functioning had decreased or remained stable (n = 150). The types of increased care that were provided to the higher functioning group were: “assistance with daily living tasks,” “medical support for psychiatric symptoms,” “empowering the client,” “communication and coordination,” “support for physical health,” and “vocational and educational support.”


The type and amount of care can positively influence good functional outcomes for those in the community who find it difficult to maintain contact with mental health services.

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