Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Annuloplasty With Realignment of Both Papillary Muscles for Correction of Type IIIb Functional Mitral Regurgitation

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Pathophysiological background of type IIIb functional mitral regurgitation (FMR) is a progressively increasing distance between papillary muscle tips and mitral annular plane. Standard surgical treatment of such FMR by means of undersized mitral annuloplasty is associated with a high recurrence rate.


We propose a modified subannular maneuver to correct type IIIb FMR while combining undersized annuloplasty with a controlled realignment of both papillary muscles, thereby fixing the distance between mitral annular plane and papillary muscle tips. The differences of this subannular maneuver as compared with the previously published techniques are the following: (1) controlled realignment of both papillary muscles, (2) fixation of the papillary muscles to mitral annulus distance on an annuloplasty ring, and (3) application in a three-dimensional endoscopic minithoracotomy setting.


We describe a surgical technique of minimally invasive mitral valve repair performed due to severe type IIIb FMR, which includes a modified subannular maneuver to realign both papillary muscles. Preliminary results of the first 10 patients who underwent this procedure at our institution are presented. There was no in-hospital mortality and follow-up echocardiography (mean ± SD echocardiographic follow-up = 10 ± 6 months) demonstrated stable functional results.


Our initial experience indicates that adding of this subannular maneuver to the standard annuloplasty and thereby fixing the distance between papillary muscles and mitral annular plane have a potential to improve results of surgical FMR treatment.

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