Reconstruction of Liposarcoma Resection Defect With a Made-to-Measure Polyethylene Prosthesis Using Three-Dimensional Digital Technology

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Liposarcoma is considered one of the most frequently occurring tumors of the soft tissues, representing 17% to 30% of all mesenchymal cell tumors. It is less common in the head and neck representing <10% of tumors in this region. The reconstruction of defects derived from resection of these tumors presents a surgical challenge. New three-dimensional digital technologies allow more exact surgery, cause less morbidity, and achieve adequate aesthetic outcomes.


The aim of this article was to describe the complex reconstruction of a defect caused by the resection of a liposarcoma in the temporal region.


Three-dimensional technology allowed patient planning and a reconstruction that was as exact as possible. A made-to-measure polymethyl methacrylate prosthesis was used to correct the defect in the zygomatic arch. The temporal fossa was covered with a standard porous polyethylene prosthesis.


Satisfactory esthetic and functional results were achieved using three-dimensional digital technology for treatment planning and to fabricate a made-to-measure polyethylene prosthesis and surgical guide.

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