A case of anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive renal cell carcinoma coincident with Hodgkin lymphoma

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We report a case of ALK-positive renal cell carcinoma coincident with Hodgkin lymphoma. The patient was a 19 year-old-girl without sickle cell trait. The right renal tumor was discovered concomitantly with Hodgkin lymphoma (HL). After chemotherapy for HL, right nephrectomy was performed. Microscopically, the tumor showed a solid and focally pseudo-papillary growth pattern studded with tubular structures. Most tumor cells were small bland eosinophilic cells, but rhabdoid cells, vacuolated cells, pleomorphic multinucleated giant cells were also admixed. The variety of growth patterns and cell features led us to speculate a possibility of ALK-positive renal cell carcinoma (ALK + RCC). ALK was immunohistochemically positive, and fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis detected a split signal of the ALK gene. We examined previously reported partner genes (STRN, TPM3, VCL and EML4) by RT-PCR, but fusion gene was not detected. RCC showing solid or cribriform growth patterns with vacuolated cells with intracytoplamic lumina, rhabdoid cells, and mucus production indicates the possibility of ALK + RCC.

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