Essential Oils and Gastroparesis: Power for Transforming Health, Hope, and Quality of Life

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This study explored how essential oils for persons with gastroparesis symptoms affect the quality of life. Gastroparesis is a chronic delayed gastric motility disorder characterized by postprandial fullness, early satiety, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, bloating, depression, and anxiety. The aim of this study was to determine how essential oils support digestion and eliminate inflammation in the body as evidenced by self-reporting a decrease in symptoms, thereby improving quality of life. A qualitative descriptive methodology using Barrette's Theory of Power as Knowing Participation in Change thematic framework was used. Three main themes were extracted from the data: awareness of quality of life possibilities, freedom to make choices, and transforming health and hope. The constitutive theme that was synthesized became essential oils transform health, hope, and increase quality-of-life possibilities.

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