Brenda Roe and Rita Pickler

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This final issue of 2017 marks the retirement of Professor Brenda Roe as one of the JAN team. Brenda is the longest serving member of the current editorial team having joined on 1 October 2002. After 15 years of service, she has decided to step down. My own professional relationship with Brenda extends much further back to 1984 when we worked together at the Nursing Practice Research Unit in Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow. In my recent years as Editor‐in‐Chief it has been a privilege to work with the whole team of editors, each of whom brings their own expertise to the journal. Brenda has brought expertise in her clinical area of care of older people and methodologically as an expert in systematic reviewing. She has been a consistent voice among the editors for adopting the highest standards in all our submissions and for ensuring that we publish the highest quality articles. As Editor‐in‐Chief, I could see clearly that Brenda really engaged with the manuscripts assigned to her and I will miss her signature “BRedit” in the file names of the manuscripts she accepted and passed on to me.
Brenda, in common with the whole team, is not directly replaceable. Like every editor, her combination of interests and skills is unique. However, her considerable contribution to JAN will endure and whoever does replace her will have a lot to live up to.
We also say goodbye to Professor Rita Pickler who steps down from JAN to assume the position of Editor‐in‐Chief of Nursing Research. It is no cliché to say that JAN's loss is a gain for Nursing Research. Rita has been our North American Editor – fully part of the team of editors – since January 2013 and has been an incredible asset to JAN. Nursing Research is a fine journal with a history of over 60 years and it has published some seminal articles in nursing over the years. Rita takes with her a vast knowledge of current issues in academic publishing and I know she is hugely respected in the United States for her work in the nursing care of children. She has made a great contribution to JAN in her 5 years with us. In common with Brenda, it is doubtful if there is a direct replacement. However, we are serious about our presence in the USA and we will strive to make an appointment that at least matches Rita's enthusiasm and team spirit.
Brenda and Rita – best wishes and thank you both for your time at JAN.
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