Fetal analysis with invasive method (FA-I) and fetal analysis with non-invasive method (FA-NI): replacing current, deceptively imprecise clinical nomenclature

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There is a problem with the current nomenclature of prenatal evaluation. The current nomenclature of “prenatal testing” and “prenatal screening” - along with their subsets of “ultrasound testing,” “ultrasound screening,” “non-invasive prenatal testing,” “non-invasive prenatal screening,” and “prenatal diagnosis” - has become so imprecise that clinical misinterpretation and distortion of the informed consent process are increasingly difficult to avoid. To remedy this problem, we propose a new, precise nomenclature: “fetal analysis with invasive method” (FA-I) and “fetal analysis with non-invasive method,” (FANI) using various techniques. This new nomenclature is designed to be precise and therefore facilitate effective communication among physicians and with pregnant women. For ease of use the new nomenclature can be formulated as an abbreviation: FA-I and FA-NI.

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