Efficacy of different carriers for the triple antibiotic powder during regenerative endodontic procedures

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Chemical debridement during Regenerative Endodontic procedures is important. Previous research studies have evaluated various antibiotics and their concentrations but none have addressed the concern of delivering these materials. Hence, the purpose of this study was to determine what carrier could be used effectively in a clinical setting. Sixty caries-free maxillary incisors were used and inoculated with Enterococcus faecalis and divided into positive and irrigation controls and experimental groups that had triple antibiotic powder (1:1:1 ciprofloxacin:metronidazole:minocycline) delivered using various carriers: saline, cotton, sponge and methylcellulose. Current AAE regenerative protocols were followed. S2 sampling was performed and tested for bacterial presence via culturing and SEM. The results demonstrated that saline was the most effective carrier for the triple antibiotic powder while cotton and sponge were most ineffective. Saline and methylcellulose both reduced bacterial counts to a significant level. Overall, this study demonstrated that saline as a carrier was most effective and should be routinely used.

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