Spontaneous Rupture of Lacrimal Gland Pleomorphic Adenoma: Pivotal Role in Masquerading Orbital Cellulitis

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The authors aim to report a 68-year-old patient presenting with acute swelling and redness of orbital area diagnosed initially as orbital cellulitis. Surgical excision was decided based on clinical and imaging findings with the diagnosis of pleomorphic adenoma of the lacrimal gland. Lacrimal gland pleomorphic adenoma usually presents with painless gradual swelling of upper eyelid. In an exceptionally rare circumstance, this case showed acute orbital inflammation, and imaging findings of orbital inflammation mostly focused around the cystic space of the lacrimal gland tumor. Histologic evaluation confirmed a ruptured cystic space of pleomorphic adenoma with foreign body–type inflammatory reaction. The authors propose spontaneous rupture of cystic space in the lacrimal gland pleomorphic adenoma as underlying mechanism for acute presentation of this tumor. Imaging and clinical characteristics and also prognostic implication of this phenomenon are discussed.

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