Genetic polymorphisms of : A case-control studyNAT2: A case-control study and risk of acute myeloid leukemia: A case-control study

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Our purpose was to investigate the possible associations between N-acetyltransferase-2 (NAT2) gene polymorphisms and the risk of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in Chinese Han population.

A case-control study was conducted including 98 AML cases and 112 healthy controls. NAT2 gene 2 polymorphisms rs1799930 and rs1799931 were genotyped using direct sequencing. Chi-square test was performed to compare the genotype and allele distribution differences between groups. Odds ratio (OR) with 95% confidence interval (CI) was calculated to estimate the association between NAT2 gene polymorphisms and AML onset.

A remarkable decrease trend of rs1799931 GA genotype was detected in AML patients compared with controls, whereas the ancestral GG genotype frequency increased in cases (P < .05). And the mutant A allele of rs1799931 significantly reduced the risk of AML by 0.585-fold versus the ancestral G allele carriers (OR = 0.585, 95% CI = 0.361–0.950). But the distributions of rs1799930 genotype and allele were similar between groups (P > .05).

Our findings suggested that NAT2 gene polymorphism rs1799931 was associated with decreased risk of AML and was likely to be a protective factor against AML development.

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