Refractory Giant Cell Arteritis Complicated by Vision Loss From Optic Atrophy and Maculopathy Associated With Pachymeningitis

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We describe a 75-year-old woman who experienced vision loss in her left eye due to biopsy-proven giant cell arteritis (GCA). She subsequently developed pachymeningitis causing refractory headaches and bilateral optic neuropathy and maculopathy.


Case report with literature review.


Eighteen months after the initial diagnosis of GCA, imaging studies in our patient demonstrated pachymeningeal enhancement, and meningeal biopsy confirmed lymphoplasmacytic tissue infiltrates with low frequencies of IgG4+ plasma cells. Laboratory investigation revealed the presence of 3 antiretinal antibodies and antimyeloperoxidase antibodies, consistent with autoimmune retinopathy. Treatment with B-cell–depleting anti-CD20 antibodies suppressed meningeal inflammation and prevented further vision loss.


This case illustrates that bilateral vision loss and chronic headaches in patients with GCA may result from retina-directed autoimmunity and pachymeningitis.

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