Lack of Association between BMP2/DLX3 Gene Polymorphisms and Dental Caries in Primary and Permanent Dentitions

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The aim of this study was to analyze the association between BMP2 (rs1884302) and DLX3 (rs2278163) gene polymorphisms and dental caries in primary and permanent dentitions. A total of 914 subjects were genotyped by the TaqMan methods: 176 caries-free children (with Decayed/Missing/Filled Teeth, DMFT = 0), 542 patients with dental caries in permanent dentition (DMFT ≥1), 83 caries-free children with primary teeth (with decayed/missing/filled teeth, dmft = 0), and 113 children with early childhood caries (ECC, dmft ≥1). There were no significant differences in allele/genotype frequencies between patients with caries in permanent dentition/ECC and caries-free children or between patients with very low (DMFT = 0-2), low (DMFT = 3-5), moderate (DMFT = 6-8), or high (DMFT ≥9) caries experience. Variability in BMP2 and DLX3 was not associated with caries in the Czech population.

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