Evaluation of the influence of time and concentration of sodium hypochlorite on the bond strength of glass fibre post

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This study evaluated the effect of time and concentrations of sodium hypochlorite on the bond strength of a glass fibre post cemented in a root canal with resin cement. A total of 45 single-rooted extracted human teeth were prepared with Protaper® universal files, randomly allocated into nine groups and then subjected to 1% or 4% NaOCl for a period of 1 min or 2 min. Fibre posts were then bonded into the root canal, sectioned and the bond strength tested using a push-out test. A longer irrigation time resulted in a significant reduction (P < 0.05) in bond strength, while a final additional irrigation with distilled water significantly reduced bond strength. The concentration of NaOCl did not significantly affect bond strength. Within the limitations of this study, it was observed that regardless of the concentration of NaOCl used, shorter irrigation times favoured better fibre post bonding.

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