Rapid Infliximab Infusion in Children: A Multicenter Retrospective Cohort Study

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Pediatric data on rapid infliximab infusion are scarce. We report our experience with a 1-hour rapid infusion protocol, prescribed in 3 pediatric inflammatory bowel disease units during 18 to 26 months. Children treated with infliximab for inflammatory bowel disease using a standard 2- to 3-hour infusion protocol were switched to a 1-hour protocol if they had received at least 4 standard duration infusions with no infusion reactions, there was no recent dose increase and no more than 10 weeks had elapsed since the previous infusion. A total of 102 children received infliximab infusions during the study period (85 Crohn disease; mean age 14.6 ± 2.6 years) of whom 63 were switched to the rapid infusions. Seven patients on the rapid protocol (11%) and 6 patients on the standard protocol (15%) had infusion reactions (P = 0.55). Consistent with adult data, our study indicates that a 1-hour infliximab protocol in selected patients offers a safe alternative to the traditional 2- to 3-hour infusions.

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