Male Surgical Neck Rejuvenation: [RETRACTED]

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Patients who are aging, with weight gain, and increased skin laxity, request dermatologists to improve their neck area. Surgical and nonsurgical options are reviewed as well as benefits and side effects. This article will focus on how surgical techniques can be applied for male patients in particular.


To review surgical neck rejuvenation therapies available currently to find the best option for male patients.


Surgical treatment of the male neck to improve mandibular contour and loose neck skin requires tightening of the platysmal muscle and usually skin removal in the postauricular sulcus and into the hairline. Most patients choose to have this performed underline tumescent anesthesia when given the choice of sedation versus local anesthesia. The other surgical variations of improving the neck contour on a male include using a direct excision by a midline incision starting in the submental crease and extending down the anterior neck. This approach allows for maximum tightening of the platysmal bands. The incision line can be minimized using intraoperative laser resurfacing immediately after suturing. Chin implants are necessary in some patients to give good neck improvement. The isolated neck lift is one the most common procedures requested by men asking for neck improvement.

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