The association of spiritual well-being and depression among patients receiving hemodialysis

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify the relationship between spiritual well-being (meaning/peace, and faith) and depression among Jordanian patients receiving hemodialysis. Methods: Cross-sectional descriptive correlation design was used to carry out on a nationally representative convenience sample of 158 patients receiving hemodialysis at five different hospitals in Jordan. Results: The mean total score of the depression was 17.8 of the 40. While the mean total score of the spiritual well-being was 36.9 of the 48. The Pearson's correlation coefficient test showed significant negative correlation between spiritual well-being and depression (r = −.64, p < .005). Conclusion: Healthcare providers should consider spiritual well-being in their assessment and interventions by helping the patients to establish meaning, peace, and faith to reduce patients' depression.

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