Secreted αKlotho isoform protects against age-dependent memory deficits

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αKlotho is a gene regulator of aging, increasing life expectancy when overexpressed and accelerating the development of aging phenotypes when inhibited. In mice, expression levels of the secreted isoform Klotho (s-KL) are very high in the brain, suggesting that s-KL activity may have an important role in the nervous system. Here we study the functional relevance at behavioural level of modifying s-KL levels in the aging brain. We used AAVrh10 vectors to deliver and sustained expression of s-KL in 6- and 12-monthold wild-type C57BL/6J males. This study demonstrates for we believe the first time in vivo that 6 months after a single injection of s-KL into the central nervous system, long-lasting and quantifiable enhancement of learning and memory capabilities are found. More importantly, cognitive improvement is also observable in 18-month-old mice treated once, at 12 months of age. These findings demonstrate the therapeutic potential of s-KL as a treatment for cognitive decline associated with aging.

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