Which Combination Treatment Is Better for Spinal Metastasis, Percutaneous Vertebroplasty With Radiofrequency Ablation, 125I Seed, Zoledronic Acid, or Radiotherapy?

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Percutaneous vertebroplasty (PVP) can not only alleviate pain but also restore mechanical stability with injection of bone cement, whereas it exhibits a poor effect on antitumor activity. But through combinations with other therapies, it may be possible to achieve the maximum effect in clinical treatment. Thus, this study is designed to assess the clinical efficacy of PVP separately combined with 4 ways for spinal metastasis (SM) treatment.

Study Question:

Which combination treatment is better for spinal metastasis, percutaneous vertebroplasty with radiofrequency ablation, 125I seed, zoledronic acid or radiotherapy?

Study Design:

A total of 169 patients with SM were retrospectively recruited and randomly assigned to 4 groups to receive 4 different ways separately: 49 patients (group A) received PVP plus 125I seed, 51 (group B) received PVP plus radiofrequency ablation (RFA), 38 (group C) underwent PVP plus zoledronic acid (ZA), and 31 (group D) underwent PVP plus radiotherapy (RT).

Measures and Outcomes:

All of them underwent routine examinations before operation. Visual analog scale (VAS), World Health Organization (WHO) Pain Relief, and ODI were applied to evaluate pain relief and motor function.


PVP plus RT achieved the best efficacy in relieving pains, with the highest WHO Pain Relief (P < 0.05). The PVP plus RFA exhibited lowest ODI, suggesting the best outcome after treatment (P < 0.05). The PVP plus 125I showed the lowest VAS score, but it was the worst to improve the routine exercise ability and relieve pains from patients. The PVP plus ZA presented higher VAS and ODI (P < 0.05).


PVP combined with 125I seed exhibited the best clinical efficacy in terms of VAS, PVP combined with RT was the best choice in terms of WHO Pain Relief, and PVP combined with RFA showed the best effect in terms of ODI for the treatment of SM.

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