Outcomes of Bleb Repair for Delayed Bleb Leaks and Sweating Blebs

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To report the outcomes of bleb repair for delayed onset leaking blebs and sweating blebs following glaucoma filtering surgery.

Materials and Methods:

Medical records of 76 eyes of 76 subjects that underwent bleb repair for either leaking bleb or sweating bleb between 1990 and 2015 were reviewed. Complete success was resolution of bleb leak and or hypotony with intraocular pressure ≥5 and ≤21 mm Hg with no antiglaucoma medication.


There were 45 eyes with leaking bleb and 31 eyes with sweating bleb that underwent bleb repair by either conjunctival autograft or conjunctival advancement (P=0.11). Before bleb repair, complications like blebitis and hypotony maculopathy were significantly higher in sweating bleb group (13/31) compared with bleb leak group (5/45) (P=0.002). Median follow-up after bleb repair was >2 years in both groups (P=0.69). After repair, eyes in leaking bleb group had higher immediate (P=0.01) and long-term intraocular pressure elevation (P=0.06) compared with sweating bleb group. Complete success probability in sweating bleb group was significantly better (88%, 78%, and 71%) compared with leaking bleb group (54%, 45%, and 40%) at 1, 3, and 6 years, respectively (P=0.01). One eye in each group had blebitis, 2 eyes in leaking bleb group and 1 eye in sweating bleb group needed repeat glaucoma intervention.


Higher complication rate before bleb repair in eyes with sweating bleb warrants early bleb repair. Bleb repair helped retain bleb function in majority of the eyes with sweating blebs, strengthening our recommendation.

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