Coronal Plane Magnetic Resonance Imaging Measurement of Hippocampal Formation Volume of Healthy Chinese Adults

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The aim of this study was to provide hippocampal formation volume data for the clinic and diagnoses of the related diseases for healthy Chinese adult. Three-dimensional fast-spoiled gradient echo magnetic resonance imaging sequence scanning was used in 68 cases of healthy adult brain to gain the image between lateral border of bilateral fourth ventricle and vitreous body. The image then was divided into 10 equal parts in the sagittal plane. We draw the outline and then obtain the area and volume of the hippocampal formation in each part, and the data were analyzed using SPSS 17.0 software. Results of the research showed that the volume of the hippocampal in healthy Chinese adult left side is ∼2319.87 to 2602.47 mm3, right side is ∼2443.96 to 2755.89 mm3; male left side is ∼2135.00 to 2494.29 mm3, right side is −2350.21 to 2745.61 mm3; female left side is ∼2328.13 to 2748.41 mm3, right side is ∼2398.41 to 2909.48 mm3. The volume of hippocampal absence correlated with age (P > 0.05), youth group. The volume of hippocampal has significant sexual difference (t = 2.500, P < 0.05). The volumes of the left and right sides have significant difference (t = 2.571, P < 0.05). For the female group (middle-age and youth), the volumes of right side hippocampal have significant difference (P < 0.05).

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