Nerve Repair Manual: A Practical Approach to Injuries and Repair in the Brachial Plexus and Upper Extremity

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Nerve Repair Manual is an industry-produced monograph published by Checkpoint Surgical, Inc, a manufacturer of handheld nerve stimulators. The manual covers nerve anatomy, clinical assessment, injury, and repair, including sections on the brachial plexus and nerve transfers. The Manual is clearly a single-author production, and Dr Kozin’s style is lucid and engaging. When personal opinions are given, they are clearly identified as such. In an era dominated by the multi-authored “consensus” textbook, it is refreshing to read the work of a highly informed author with a unique style and “voice.”
At 40 pages, the Manual is about the length of a typical book chapter. The book is beautifully produced, but its target audience is a bit of a mystery. The content is too general for the specialist but too detailed for the nonspecialist or layperson. The photographs are clear, and the videos are well chosen and well produced. They are easily accessed using a smartphone and a QR reader App.
The Manual is produced by Checkpoint Surgical, Inc, and the overtly commercial content is limited to a small logo on the front cover and a small advertisement on the back cover. However, Dr Kozin devotes a portion of each section to the applicability of the Checkpoint nerve stimulator to the topic at hand. At times, this stretches the bounds of credibility, as when he espouses its use to identify motor fascicles in cases of acute nerve transection.
In the introduction, Dr Kozin writes that the purpose of the publication is to produce a multidisciplinary manual of nerve repair based on current knowledge. For that, it is remarkably short on contributions from other disciplines or evidence-based recommendations. For example, Dr Kozin expresses his preference for sural nerve autografts in cases of nerve gap reconstruction, but no evidence is given to support this. Even in a short chapter or manual such as this, better use of the available evidence could be made.
The Nerve Repair Manual is a concise, visually appealing, and highly readable production. Its sections on nerve assessment and nerve transfers are particularly useful, especially to trainees and early-career surgeons. It is available for free upon request from Checkpoint Surgical, Inc, and anyone engaged in or interested in nerve surgery would be well advised to obtain a copy.
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