Nasoseptal flap reconstruction after oropharyngeal cancer resection: A case report

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The nasoseptal flap has been widely used to reconstruct skull base defects with excellent success rates. Recently, there were several attempts to use this flap for other defects. Patient concerns: We present the case of the nasoseptal flap reconstruction after oropharyngeal cancer resection.


The diagnosis of this patient was oropharyngeal T3 squamous cell carcinoma.


The surgical resection included the right radical tonsillectomy, uvular, and part of the soft palate and hard palate. The nasoseptal flap was sutured to the oropharyngeal defect.


In spite of the radiation therapy, the nasoseptal flap was well healed to the oropharyngeal defect.


We suggest that the nasoseptal flap may be a feasible reconstruction option for oropharyngeal defect after oropharyngeal cancer resection.

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