A Proposed Mathematical Method to Quantifyy-Axis Pelvic Rotation on the Anteroposterior Radiograph

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Researchers have identified potential errors in the Gonstead method's analysis of pelvic alignment resulting from y-axis rotation of the pelvis on the anteroposterior (A-P) radiograph. The purpose of this article is to propose a method that can be used to determine the magnitude of y-axis rotation of the pelvis present on the A-P radiograph.


In this proposed method, measurements are obtained from the patient and from the lateral and A-P radiographs. With a mathematical method, these measurements are used with the focal film distance to calculate the degree of pelvic rotation present on an individual A-P radiograph.


This method may help with the accuracy of measurement of pelvic y-axis rotation on the A-P radiograph.


The method proposed can be used to calculate the magnitude of pelvic y-axis rotation on an A-P radiograph.

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