A Measure of Team Resilience: Developing the Resilience at Work Team Scale

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This study develops, and initial evaluates, a new measure of team-based resilience for use in research and practice.


We conducted preliminary analyses, based on a cross-sectional sample of 344 employees nested within 31 teams.


Seven dimensions were identified through exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses. The measure had high reliability and significant discrimination to indicate the presence of a unique team-based aspect of resilience that contributed to higher work engagement and higher self-rated team performance, over and above the effects of individual resilience. Multilevel analyses showed that team, but not individual, resilience predicted self-rated team performance.


Practice implications include a need to focus on collective as well as individual behaviors in resilience-building. The measure provides a diagnostic instrument for teams and a scale to evaluate organizational interventions and research the relationship of resilience to other constructs.

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