Abrikossoff's tumour on the upper limb: a rare presentation

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Abrikossoff's tumour or granular cell tumour is a rare entity. Most common locations are the head and neck, with only a few cases reported on the upper limbs. A 55-year-old man with a nodular lesion on the left arm resorted to surgery consultation. Nodule was firm, mobile, painless and non-ulcerated. Total excision using a Limberg flap procedure was performed. Following 3 months of follow-up, the patient is fine. Abrikossoff's tumour is frequently presented in the second to sixth decade of life as an ulcerated nodule with progressive growth. Malignant form is rare, with metastases occurring in up to 3% of patients. Excision must be accomplished with free margins. Recurrence is rare. Abrikossoff's tumour on the upper limbs is rare. Although benignity is the rule, doctors must be aware of the possibility of harbouring a cancer. Surgery is the treatment of choice.

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