Associations Between Fixed-Term Employment and Health and Behaviors: What are the Mechanisms?

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To analyze the associations between fixed-term employment and health (work ability and mental health) and behaviors (engagement and performance). Psychological contract fulfilment (PCF) and breach (PCB) are investigated as potential mediators of these associations.


Seven hundred workers employed on fixed-term contracts from a broad range of organizations participated in the study. The Structural Equation Model was performed to analyze the data.


Mediation analyses revealed that good physical and mental health and productivity are more likely to be achieved by those workers who perform non-manual work and (to some extent) accept their contracts because they experience high levels of PCF and low levels of PCB.


Apart from the lack of physical workload, psychological contract fulfilment has been revealed as yet another significant mediator between a higher socioeconomic position and good health and productivity of fixed-term workers.

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