A case report of recurrent thyroid inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor and its metastasis in soft tissue

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Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT) is a neoplasm of low malignant potential. The most frequent site of IMT is in the lung, whereas recurrent and metastasis of thyroid IMT has been seldom reported.

Patient concerns:

A 57-year-old male presented with a 3-year history of painless thyroid mass. The physical examination revealed a diffusely enlarged thyroid which was firm. The thyroid function and antibodies were normal. Thyroid ultrasound revealed a hypoechoic mass in the left lobe and heterogeneous echo in the right lobe. Neck computed tomography showed a diffused enlargement of thyroid with the homogeneously low intensity and the moderate enhancement.


A diagnosis of thyroid IMT was made according the postoperative histological and immunohistochemical analysis.


The patient underwent subtotal thyroidectomy. Seventeen months after the surgery, the patients presented with a firm nodule of right adductor magnus and a relapsing mass of thyroid. Needle core biopsy of the thyroid mass suggested the relapsing of thyroid IMT. The mass excision of the right adductor magnus was performed and an IMT was confirmed by histopathology. The patient underwent thyroid radiation therapy and steroid therapy.


The size of the tumor was smaller than the preradiation size and the patient is now under follow-up.


This is the seldom reported patient with recurrent thyroid IMT with metastasis. IMT of the thyroid is an unusual but distinct disease entity. The clinical and radiological features are not specific and its diagnosis is based on the histological features. Although tumor resection and radiation seem to be effective, no standard treatment for such disease has been established.

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