Case report: middle-aged woman from Ghana with unsteady gait and enlarging cerebellar mass

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Neurosarcoidosis (NS) is an uncommon manifestation of systemic sarcoidosis, with a propensity for middle-agedwomen. Often discovered only at autopsy, rates of neurologic involvement (5%–10%) reported in the literature underscore a lack of sensitivity and specificity in current diagnostic methods.

Patient concerns:

Herein, we describe a 53-year-old woman who presented with gait imbalance and distal extremity muscular weakness. She was known to harbor a brain mass (4 years in duration) that was monitored and recently seemed to enlarge.


A subsequent brain biopsy showed necrotizing granulomatous inflammation suggestive of NS. However, no clinical or radiologic evidence of activity was found in other organs.

Interventions and outcomes:

Ultimately, endo and transbronchial biopsies were performed, providing histologic confirmation of systemic sarcoidosis.


This approach is advised in all instances of suspected NS where systemic involvement is in question.

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