Two case reports: Colorectal adenocarcinoma in children

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Colorectal cancer in children is rare, with delayed diagnosis and advanced stage at presentation in high mortality. Early detection of colorectal cancer is, therefore, important for better prognosis.

Patient concerns:

Thirteen-year-old boy presented with symptoms of melena, vomiting, and abdominal pain for 6 months. 18-year-old girl was hospitalized due to the symptoms of hematochezia, and persistent abdominal pain for 6 months. They have no chronic disease or familial history of malignancy.


We encountered 2 teenagers diagnosed with colorectal cancer.


Both patients had the same histological findings in postoperation colonic biopsy and underwent surgical resection.


The boy fully recovered with only surgery, but the girl died, despite receiving adjuvant chemotherapy for the advanced stage of cancer.


We recommend early and active evaluation, including a pediatric colonoscopy, in a child with suspected malignancy.

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