Management of radiation-induced rectovesical fistula in a woman using ileum: A case report and review of the literature

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Radiation-induced rectovesical fistulas (RVFs) require the most demanding treatment. We presented a rare case of postradiation RVF in a woman repaired with ileum.

Case presentation:

A 49-year-old women was referred to our department for fecaluria and dysuria after radiation for cervical cancer. The voiding cystourethrography demonstrated a large RVF. A segment of ileum was separated into 2 parts for the simultaneous reconstruction of bladder and rectum, which led to a permanently closed fistula. This approach is easily accessible via transabdominal approach, could be applied for large defect, and bladder augmentation could be performed simultaneously.


The repair of an RVF using ileum appears feasible and represents an attractive alternative for the management of RVFs.

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