Diagnosis of fetal megacystis with chromosomal abnormality by 2D prenatal ultrasound: A case report

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The pathogenesis of fetal megacystis is divided into obstructive and nonobstructive. Megacystis combined with chromosomal abnormalities is rare and most of the cases are nonobstructive.

Patient concerns:

The fetus showed posterior urethral obstructive megacystis with features of bladder enlargement, “keyhole” feature, and thick bladder wall.


Here, we present a case of fetal megacystis diagnosed by ultrasound at pregnancy week 15+2 and with multisystem abnormalities.


Moreover, the fetus showed edema, umbilical cord cyst, cardiac dysplasia, hook-shaped hand, and strephenopodia. These abnormalities strongly suggested chromosomal abnormalities. The fetus was diagnosed with trisomy 18 by amniocentesis. Posterior urethral obstructive megacystis was confirmed by pathology.


In conclusion, this case suggests that in the presence of fetal megacystis and multisystem abnormalities, causes should be investigated and the possibility of chromosomal abnormalities should be considered in the presence of multisystem developmental abnormalities.

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