Efficacy of cold application on pain during chest tube removal: a randomized controlled trial

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Use of analgesics is the most common method to alleviate the pain induced by chest tube removal (CTR), but patient response to medication can vary and may not be achieved complete relaxation. This study was to determine the effectiveness of cold application in combination with standard analgesic administration before CTR on CTR-induced pain.


A prospective, randomized, single-blind, sham-controlled study was conducted. In addition to the same routine care, subjects in the experimental group (n = 30) received cold application of 600-g ice packs 15 minutes before CTR, whereas subjects in the sham group (n = 30) received tap water packs. Numerical rating scale was used to measure pain intensity before, immediately after, and 10 minutes after CTR.


The generalized linear estimating equation (GEE) model, adjusted for other factors, both the groups demonstrated a trend toward decreased pain during CTR over time (P < .001), but no significant differences between the 2 groups (P = .65), even stratifying by gender. If we fixed experimental group, women significant reduced pain score of 2.7 on immediately after CTR compared with before CTR (P < .0001) and reduced pain score of 2.05 on 10 minutes after CTR compared with before CTR (P < .0001). The sham group had no similar performance as the experimental group. In the male subgroup, both experimental and sham groups, men significantly reduced pain score on immediately after CTR and 10 minutes after CTR compared with before CTR (P < .0001).


The results indicate that cold application is not more effective than sham treatment in decreasing pain during CTR, even among gender. Although statistically non-significant, clinically important differences of decreased pain score were observed with cold application among women (Clinical Trial Registration: clinicaltrials.gov identifier NCT03307239).

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