Endocarditis due to : A case reportAbiotrophia defectiva: A case report, a biofilm-related infection associated with the presence of fixed braces: A case report

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Endocarditis with Abiotrophia defectiva represents 4.3% to 6% of all streptococcal endocarditis. The article presents diagnosis issues and the complexity of the treatment.

Patient concerns:

We present the case of a female white patient, aged 26 years, who developed infectious endocarditis caused by A defectiva, in the last trimester of pregnancy, a biofilm-related infection associated with the presence of fixed braces.


The diagnosis of infectious endocarditis was confirmed by the cardiac ultrasound examination that revealed a voluminous vegetation on the mitral valve, and acute mitral regurgitation caused by chordae tendinae rupture, and also by isolating Abiotrophia defectiva from two positive blood cultures.


The decision to undergo surgical intervention was taken, and a mitral valve replacement was performed. Surgical intervention that was associated with board-spectrum antibiotic therapy.


A defectiva, remains a rare cause of infective endocarditis, with a reserved prognosis that is motivated by the extensive valvular lesions and the risk of embolism.


The use of antibiotics administered in association, in the management of infective endocarditis, is mandatory.

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