Global impact of nephropathies

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Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability globally. In 2002, cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes mellitus (DM) caused 29 million deaths worldwide.1 It was projected that approximately 50 million people will die of chronic diseases annually in 2020.1 The global burden of chronic kidney disease (CKD) has also increased substantially in recent years, partly attributed to the global epidemic of DM.2 In 2002, DM and CKD were the 11th and 17th worldwide leading cause of death, respectively.2 From 1990 to 2013, the annual mortality rates of DM and CKD have increased from 19.8 to 21.6 and 11.6 to 15.8 per 100 000 populations, respectively.3 In particular, the annual mortality rate of diabetic nephropathy (DMN) has increased by more than twofold (from 1.4 to 2.9 per 100 000 populations).2 It was estimated that by 2030, CKD will become the 13th leading cause of death worldwide.
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