Pilot study of cognitive remediation and motivational interviewing in youth at risk of serious mental illness

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The aim of this pilot project was to determine the recruitment feasibility for a computerized cognitive remediation treatment (CRT) for youth at-risk of serious mental illness (SMI), and treatment adherence following an adjunct treatment of motivational interviewing (MI).


Twelve youth at-risk of SMI were randomized to receive either CRT or CRT plus MI. CRT was conducted over 10 wk during which time 5 MI sessions were available for the CRT + MI group.


The recruitment rate was 55%. The attrition rate from the study was 25% and on average participants completed 33% of the CRT sessions, with no group differences in the number of CRT sessions completed.


Treatment adherence was low. Participants described the CRT as easy and unchallenging. Future recommendations include engaging youth at-risk into CRT programs based on cognitive deficits, measuring intervention satisfaction and offering access to supportive therapies for concerns other than cognition.

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